Loan – the most important information

Loan - the most important information

The loan is one of many loans granted online to the borrower without checking his credit history in BIK. A convenient form of borrowing money, a simple procedure and quick action make payday loans so popular that people of all ages reach for them.

Although in reality payday loans taken at Good Finance have many advantages, it is interesting that the company has not been verified by the Polish Association of Loan Institutions, so before making a final decision, it is worth checking what other borrowers think about the terms of the agreement.

All you need to do is read the contract carefully before sending the application, which is available on the lender’s website, and check the opinions on the internet, e.g. by entering the password: “loan reviews”.

How to take a loan in Loan?

How to take a loan in Loan?

The loan offers its clients a simple and clear path that is to lead them to receive the loan.

Step 1. Choose the loan amount and repayment period

On the home page Good Finance you will find a simple calculator. Use the sliders to specify the amount you want to borrow (from USD 100 to 6000) and choose the time after which you will have to repay the loan. In this case, you have a choice of between 1 and 12 months. By selecting the “This is my first loan” option, you will reduce the commission cost to 0, thanks to which you will not incur any costs associated with running the loan and the amount to be refunded will be the same as the one that was borrowed.

Step 2. Provide your data and read the rules and privacy policy

In the next step you will need to complete a short contact form, providing your name, phone number and email address. You will also be asked to read the terms and privacy policy and to mark any marketing consent.

Step 3. Submit the application

The last step is to submit the application. After submitting the form, the verification takes place, and in the event of a positive decision, employees of the Good Finance website will contact you and ask you to make a transfer of 1 USD to the account of the lender. This action is to verify your identity. Then a transfer of funds will be made. According to the information on the site, cash will appear on your account within an hour.

If you want to contact the company’s employees, you must complete the contact form on the Good Finance website.

Does the loan check BIK?

Does the loan check BIK?

The loan, like most private credit companies, does not check the credit history of its clients at BIK. Thanks to this, its offer can be used both by people who have good credit standing and those who have outstanding debts on their account.

Who can take a loan?

The offer of the Loan can be used by any Polish citizen who is not less than 21 and not more than 60 years old, has their own bank account (necessary for identity verification and payment of the loan) and internet access. Instantaneous payday loan is an online loan, which means that it cannot be taken in any other way (e.g. stationary or at an intermediary).

When using the Loan offer for the first time, the maximum amount that can be applied for is USD 2,000 and must be repaid after 2 months.

What does the client verification look like in the Loan company?

The verification of the future borrower is carried out by means of a verification transfer. After receiving the decision to grant the loan, you will be asked to transfer one penny to your lender’s account. The exact invoice number will be provided after positive verification of your loan application.

Remember to write in the title of the transfer: “I accept the terms of the Good Finance Framework Loan Agreement with attachments. ” The verification transfer should be made only once, when applying for the first loan.

Loan in Loan – pros and cons

Loan in Loan - pros and cons

The loan can be an interesting alternative to other products on the financial market. If you have your own bank account, have access to the Internet and online finance is not a challenge for you, you can confidently consider this offer. Below we have gathered the biggest advantages of payday loans Loan.



  • free loan for new customers (no commission)
  • simple application and minimum formalities
  • no credit history verification in BIK
  • quick withdrawal of funds (up to an hour)
  • the option of extending the repayment deadline.
  • only one form of contact possible – via the online form
  • low maximum amount of the first loan (new customers can receive only USD 2,000)